About Poppet Optics

Catering for every budget and every taste, with parking at the door, offering professional independent advice, we are here to take the stress out choosing fabulous eyewear for little faces. We have a dedicated team of specialist Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians, and Specialist Eyewear Consultants who are passionate about ensuring all children with vision problems receive the very best clinical care and eyewear solution, and who will ensure your visit to a Poppet practice is stress free.

We know finding great fitting glasses for children can be a challenge. Most practices have a small selection of children’s frames tucked away in a drawer somewhere, and because of a lack of frame selection parents often must make a few trips while a more suitable eyewear is ordered in. By having the biggest selection of children’s frames in the country, you can know that one trip is usually all you will need to find the perfect frame. Dispensing glasses to children will often require more technical skills and patience – from frame selection to prescription interpretation, from lens selection to frame adjustments. Finding the best pair of glasses for your child is something we are passionate about.

The after sales service is vital for children – they are often rough on their glasses and require more frequent frame adjustments and repairs than adults. We believe that wearing glasses should never stop a child from the important job of being a child!

We provide children’s glasses that look good, maximise their ability to see and are strong enough to cope with active young owners.