Spectacle Subsidy

Free glasses for children

If your child is 15 or younger and has a current Community Services Card or High Use Health Card, you may be entitled to a Spectacle Subsidy. To claim the subsidy you need to ensure that the optometrist or ophthalmologist you visit is registered to sign the subsidy form, which you then bring to Poppet Optics so we can claim for you.

Samantha (our optometrist) is registered to sign the subsidy form if you get your eyes tested with her here at Poppet.

What is covered by the subsidy?

  • Your child’s vision test, frames, lenses or repairs or eye patches.
  • The maximum amount is usually $287.50 per year apart from in specific conditions

The subsidy is available every 12 months. You can find out more about the Spectacle Subsidy by visiting the Ministry of Health website.